DIY Project with XBEE

Hey folks, I’m building a motorized longboard for a project!

I have a handheld remote with a potentiometer and a brake, and transmitting that data through a S1 XBEE to another XBEE that is mounted onto an Arduino.

So here’s my problem: with a multimeter, I confirmed that the xbee on the remote is getting the appropriate values. However, I don’t seem to be receiving the values on the other xbee!

I have set the addresses accordingly so the destination of one is the address of the other.

I also believe I have used the right AT commands (ATD34 to set utilize the analog to digital converter and ATD03 to transmit the digital signal from the button). On the receiving xbee, I have used the AT commands ATP02 to recover the analog signal, and ATD04 to transmit the digital signal from the button (the default is low, but I want it to have the option of being high too).

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks (especially if you read through it all)

I could be wrong since I’m just starting out and using S2s but I suspect you can’t transfer signal values like that using AT commands.

I’ve successfully read and controlled another XBee’s IO pins but I had to put the controller in API mode and craft API commands using Digi’s FrameMaker.

If both units are in AT mode they will transmit ASCII over serial UART but not execute remote AT commands or sensor readings.

Hello new_user_1991,

If I understand it well, you want to do a I/O Passing, that’s possible with Series 1 (but not with Series 2!), I have not done that in a while… so here you are some links :slight_smile: one two, three(page 2-4) and four

@MattiasF, you are rigth, but for S2 Remote AT Commands are not available in Series 1 but on the other hand they have this neat feature… if you like the Digi FrameMaker you should give ZigBee Operator a try… at least until Digi makes a better version of X-CTU :wink:

Hey Mattias! Thanks for your answer, although I’m unsure how applicable the S2 advice is.

spastor, that is indeed what I am trying to do. I will took a look at these links and report back! Thanks again!