New to XBee - Please help!


I just got an XBee S1 and XBee Pro S1 with the XBee Exlorer. I have tried to set them up to send/receive from each other, but to no avail. I’ve used Tom Igoe’s Processing Serial Terminal as well as XBee Terminal Max. I can send and receive AT messages to both XBees this way, but when I take the XBee off the Explorer, they seem to lose their settings; when I put them back on the Explorer, their ATID, ATMY, etc, have all gone back to the factory settings. Can anyone tell me if there’s a step I’m missing or something?


Did you remember to send an ATWR to save the AT commands issued to modules? If you don’t do so, changes are lost at reset

You’ve posted this in the ZB forum, yet you seem to say your XBees are series 1 (S1). If your’e running series 1 XBees, you’ll be better off in the 802.15.4 or the Digimesh forum, depending on which firmware version you have loaded.