Configured, Quering and sending....not receiving

Hello All!

I finally got my series 1 xbees configured correctly today! YEAH!
I also had to do a little work on getting my second xbee working on a soldered breakout board… got that too!

Here is where I’d love some assistance;
my Xbee query eachother, and transmit but my serial programs are not receiving the messages I send.

Here is some info-

2 series1 xbees
SparkFun Breakout Board
FTDI Basic breakout board
Mac running Cool Term
Win7 running X-CTU
9600 baud

PAN ID are both set to 3334
Radio1- ATMY1, ATDL2, ATNI receive
Radio2- ATMY2, ATDL1, ATNI send

ATND gets a reply from the other XBee radio (works on both)
FTDI basic and XBee- power, and see tx lights

As of Now:
Xbee queries the other and gets a response
but any typing in the serial program does not show up on the other serial terminal window…… i.e. not receiving, but messages are being transmitted (verify thru blinking lights)
no action on rx lights on either XBee

Any tips would be much appreciated [:D]

Hi Jamelia,

Make sure that DH/DL is set to the SH/SL of the other side, and vice versa.

are you sure the breakout boards are setup right? do you have digi prototype boards you can test on? they’re a squarish blue and have USB or RS232 ports on them.