XBEE problem with analog inputs

Hello. I configured 2 XBEE. The first receiver and transmitter in the second.
I use 3 analog inputs on the transmitter.
The receiver receives the frame always follows (7e 00 0e 83 43 21 48 00 01 0e 00 03 FF 03 FF 03 FF BE ) whatever tension on the analog inputs (ADC0,ADC1 and ADC2).
I connected the pin Vref to VCC.
I do not understand

Help !

I have the same problem, just receive 03FF for all ADC.


We’re getting this same behavior. We have two analog inputs set for monitoring but only one wired to a variable power supply. No matter what we do we get 03FF on both inputs except when we turn the power supply off in which case we get 0000 on that input and still 03FF on the other that is not connected to anything. We do not have Vref connected to VCC. Is this required? Is there any documentation that would help us get this working? We are in a very short time crunch as this is a university senior class project and is due next week.

Thanks - Mark.

I’ve solved the problem, when the power source is bad quality, just don’t work fine. Y take the developent kit and sold some pins and cables, and work perfectly.


You do need to connect Vref to VCC, so that’s the first problem.

The 1xCx product manual from the Digi site is the main documentation. There isn’t an FAQ for this forum, but if you also read back through earlier postings you’ll find a lot of information that helps fill in any gaps.