Is it necessary to connect Vref pin somewhere using XBee Series 2?

Hi everybody!
I have an XBee Series 2 working with a SHT30 sensor(Temperature and Humidity Analog Sensor). The outputs of the sensor are in a range of 0.3-2.9 V, so I did a voltage divider in order to the signal was in the range of 0-1.2 V. The problem is that the samples I receive doesn’t make much sense… So my question is, I have to connect the Vref pin to Vcc, GND or something?
Thank you so much in advance!

No it is not.

ok thanks, so any idea? What can be wrong? The sensor’s outputs are right because I checked it out with the diagrams of the datasheet, but the data adquisition is wrong and I don’t know why… Can anyone help me?