How to read and display data from micro SD card?

Hi. Extreme noob here. I would be really grateful if you guys could help me on this.
How am i supposed to obtain and display the contents of files and folders on an sd card? I have an RCM4300 model and have tried the sdcard_flash sample provided. but it only outputs the hex/ascii dump of a selected page. I want to display a list of all the files and folders inside the sd card. Thanks.

Hello, To write or read text files on to the Rabbit modules you need serial flash, NAND flash or SD card on the module. On RCM4300 it has Micro SD card facility.

Another thing is to write or read text files on the card , you need to create fat file system on the Micro SD card. Then you can able to display all the files and folders

Under Dynamic C 10.72 at below path

there are some sample applications regarding fat file system, go through these sample apps, it may helpful.