SD Flash


I have a little problem. The device I’am using is a RCM4300. It has the posibility to store data on the SD flash card.

With the sample program (SDFLASH_INSPECT.C) you can store data on the SD Flash card. But if you want to read if with a cardread plugged in a pc the pc cannot read it.

How can I store data on the SD Flash card that a PC can read the data?

i.e. I have data from an ADC and I want to save that in a .txt file. When I plug the card in a pc I want to take the .txt file and open it with Microsoft Excel.

Sorry for my bad english.


In order for the files written by RCM4300 onto a SD card to be readable in a standard reader:

  • the file has to be in the first partition (0)
  • partition has to be FAT16
  • partition has to be formatted

Run sample called fat_create.c to see how things are done.


Also note that all sample files end with a call to fat_unmountDevice. This is needed before the file data is actually written to the SD card. I had an application that would open a file, write to it and close the file. I could FTP into the RCM4300 and extract the file. But since I did not run the fat_unmountDevice function when the application was stopped through the development software, the file was not there when I restarted the application at a later time. Whenever I change a file’s contents or delete it, I am now calling the fat_SyncPartition function to make it transfer the file from FAT cache to the SD device so that when the application ends, I can get the data later. Good Luck