How to recover from Frame Error in DigiMesh module

Using XB9X-DM, XBee SX, firmware 9007 setup as a Router in API 1 mode. Router XBee controlled by MCU acting as a client that periodically polls three (Non-routing) end devices via TX Request frames 0x10. Works great - as long as all end devices are powered up.
With two of the devices offline and polling process marching on, the router/client XBee randomly sends a frame type 0xFE to the MCU. 0xFE frame has one data byte = 0x04.

  1. What is frame type 0xFE? Not in XBee®/XBee-PRO SX v90001477 user manual.
  2. How to recover?

Many bad things happen, random Legacy TX Status frames, ND does not work, XCTU cannot communicate remotely…

Can you provide the entire frame you are seeing?

7E 00 02 FE 04 FD

FE (Frame Error)
04 (Erroneous checksum on last frame)

OK. Thanks. I got the same when I typed it into the XBee API Frames Interpreter.
I have verified the frames sent are well formed.

Do you know how to flush the XBee TX buffer?

You can do an ATFR which is a software command to restart the module.