How to send AG (Aggregate Command) from DM ConnectPort X2

There is no apparent way to send an AG command from the web interface of the ConnectPort X2. Right?

Entering “set xbee AG” on the command line does not cause the expected result (all connected devices change DH/DL to the CPX2’s Address). Likewise, “set xbee AG FFFF” does not work (current value of the DH/DL in the device is the broadcast address) either.

How does one initiate an Aggregate command from the CPX2?

No there is not. You would need to send it from the cloud or from a python script or from a CLI interface.

Ok. How do you do it from the CLI? (see OP about attempting it from command line)

if you can telnet into the X2, then you can do a set trace state=on mask = XBee:*

Then you can issue the direct API frame:7E 00 04 08 01 41 47 6E