how to send data from one xbee series 2 to PIC18F4550?

Hello I have 2 xbee modules, and set one as coordinator (API coordinator) and other as end device (AT end device). the coordinator is connected to a microcontroller PIC18F4550.

I am sending data to the end device using the application to create packages XCTU wish that when data arrive at this send directly to the micro coordinator.

the problem I have is that it is not reaching micro anything.

as I have to configure the XBEE coordinator that once the data arrives from the end device send this directly to the micro and so I visualize this coming?

I have 2 xbee module and one is configured as xbee coordinator and another is router api. cordinator is interfaced with pic18f4550 and router with pic16f73.
you can transmit api frames or recieve api frames. If you connect xbee with XCTU then you can see the received packet.To send it tp pic you have to make code.I made these codes in MikroC Pro.
Also you can send api packet usinf pic. I send a api packet from pic4550 to router which on/off a relay.
this link may be helpful Xbee api data transmit.

thanks for your answer, do a code in C