PIC interfacing to Xbee

my final year project(sensor network) is based on zigbee.I have xbee s2 module and PIC16f877A.I connected one xbee (router) to microcontroller along with temp. sensor,and another xbee (cordinator) connected to PC.but i dont see desired output on hypertermal.on PC i saw some unknown characters,not temp. sensor data. i configured xbee using XCTU at 9600 baud rate,both work fine in point to point communication…i think problem is in a serial programming of Micrcontroller.I dont know what’s wrong,so guys help me .its urgent…

Is temp. sensor connected to XBee directly or to MCU first?

If its connected to XBee directly and everything is configured correctly, then Coordinator node will output API frames on its serial lines consisting of sensor data reading.

If MCU is feeding sensor’s reading on serial line to XBee then it will only forward raw data to destination unit without editing.

thank you…:slight_smile:

thank you…:slight_smile:

how to configure xbees when there are multiple End device (with sensor ,and microcontroller) and one coordinator?

Conrdinator is connected to the PC.

what to use AT mode or API mode?what is main difference between them?

In this type of communication when two (End Device) xbee transmit data,there will a interference between them?so how to avoid?

one told me sleep mode is used in this type of communication but i don’t know how to use? plz help me…