How to send simple data to coordinator in 0x00 (TX request) mode

I am a beginner of xbee, Arduino and have problem sending simple data from router to the coordinator xbee. I want to send simple integer value, in this case 0x33. I use 0x00 (TX request) API mode. Destination address (coordinator) is 0013A20040F782F2. Since I am a beginner, I read instruction by Digi about the frame structure but not sure if my arduino program correctly describes required frame structure and necessary information. I tried below arduino code but doesn’t work;
Please advise me how to write arudino program for 0x00 (TX request) API mode.


SoftwareSerial xbee(10,11);

void setup () {

void loop () {

/* send RSSI data to coordinator */

byte RSSI_test = 0x33;

long sum = 0x00 + 0x01 + 0x00 + 0x13 + 0xA2 + 0x00 + 0x40 + 0xF7 + 0x82 + 0xF2 + 0x00 + 0x33;
byte checksum = 0xFF - (sum & 0xFF);

byte xbee_data[] = {0x7E,0x00,0x12,0x00,0x01,0x00,0x13,0xA2,0x00,0x40,0xF7,0x82,0xF2,0x00,0x33,checksum};



The use of the 00 API type is not for that product (XBee). You need to use the frame type 10 (transmit request) frame for the XBee ZB modules.

Sorry, my explanation was not exactly correct. My module is XBee S2C. I read the manual and frame type seems to be correct…

Again, the correct frame type to use for this product would be the 0x10 frame time. The 0x00 frame type is for a different XBee product than what you are using.