How to set-up end device to sleep for 6 hours ?

Hello, I am in doubt on how to configure the “SO” for the end device and the coordinator.

The end device should sleep for 6 hours.

When wake up, a uC will detect through pin on-sleep and send data.

The XBEE is model XBP24C

The current setting is:

End Device:

SM = 5
SP = 0X7D0  ( 20s )
SN = 0X438  ( 1080)
SO = 1 

What is the correct setting ?



That looks about right but the SO should be 0x10 instead of 1.

Thank you mvut,

A doubt.

The XTCU says that it references BIT 0 and bit 1.

The remainder should be left as 0.

In SO = 0X10 is OB 00010000

Is that correct? Or the correct one is 2 = 0b10


You will enter “10” for the SO setting