XBee 3 End Device Extended Sleep Problem

Hello, everyone.

I use an XBee 3 device as an ADC server. It is configured as an sleepy end device that takes samples of a pin and send it to coordinator of the network which is an XBee 3 also.

The problem is even though I set the SM=0x04, SP=0x0AF0, SN=0x40 and SO=0x06 the sleep period is always 0x0AF0. That means end device wakes every 28 seconds, takes samples of the ADC pin and directs them to coordinator. The expected behavior is sleeping for entire SP*SN time and then wake and take samples. I use this configuration successfully for a long time and this is the first time I encounter a problem like this.

I tried to set the SO option to 0, 2 and 4 also but no luck.

I register the end device using Register Joining Device frame with Install Code. Firmware version 100A is used for both coordinator and end device.

So, how to enable extended sleep that satisfies our expectation?



Yes I saw documentation. What is your suggestion? I have already set the registers according to links that you send. Am I doing something wrong?

Try without encryption enabled.

I tried without enabling encryption but behavior did not change. It still does not sleep for entire SP*SN period.

I believe that is a know issue that is being worked on