Xbee S2C End device disconnected after extended sleep (15 min)


I am facing an issue with my Xbee setup.
I want to create a simple temperature sensor network using a coordinator and multiple end devices. For testing purposes I only have one end device at this time.

I configured my end device in cyclic extended sleep (15 min) and performed the same configuration on my coordinator to prevent my end device to be considered as disconnected. However, I only receive the first IO sample on my coordinator. After more than 15 minutes, still no new IO sample from the end device…
My two devices have the following sleep configuration:
SP 0x7D0
SN 0x2D
SO 0x04
My end device have the following additional configuration:
ST 0x32
SM 0x5

Does anyone have any idea?
I also don’t know how to export the full configuration of my Xbees to text to post it here…


Did you adjust the ST and SP time frames on the Coordinator to match the new sleep cycles?