How to update the "MY" field programatically using Java API?

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After opening 802.15.4 XStick, I locate a remote XBee node and setParameter(“MY”, 0x03B9);

After this parameter is updated, the following call to applyChanges or writeChanges fails with TX Failure.

Updating other fields works fine. setParameter(RN,3) followed by writeChanges works as expected.

What steps are required to update the MY field of a remote node using 802.15.4 through the Java library?

Is there an example of updating the MY field programmatically?

If you are wanting to modify a Remote radios commands, then you need to send a Remote AT command (0x17 API frame).

Thank you, this works for many other fields, but not for the MY field. Sending ATMY 123 to the remote node followed by writeChanges aborts with a TX Failure. I have successfully set many other fields on the remote node but not the MY field. Do you have an example of Java code that successfully changes the MY field value of a remote node?

The Java API was not written for the 802.15.4 product. It was written for the Mesh based products which does not allow one to set the MY command.