How to upload python file to Digi TransPort® WR41

I have a very simple question, but I can’t find the answer.
I’m following the Digi Python Programmer’s Guide, and I have, al locally tested, the “Hello world” sample program.
Now I’m trying to load it in my device, but I’m still not able.
Do I have to write the path in User Application -> Python, or do I have to use ftp? I’ve tried only the first solution, but with no results.
Marco Pellizzari

Hi Marco Pellizzari,

FTP can be used to place the file onto the Transport. After putting the correct username and password, ‘put’ the file to the device, and you can run it using the python command from the CLI of the Transport.


After the filename you can specify the arguments:

python , …

Hope this helps,


Thank Max, that helps a lot.
Can I ask you how can I upload the python file using the web browser?
Best Regards,
Marco Pellizzari