How to use Binary command mode?

In command mode if we want to change the network ID we do the following:
1- enter command mode through serial port and write ‘+++’, and wait for ok response.
2- Write ‘ATID 3223’ to change ID to 3223.
3- Exit command mode.

What would be the equivalent in Binary command mode?

I did the following:
1- Set RT to 1.
2- Set CS to 4.
3- asserted pin 10 to high.
4- Then wrote to serial port ‘23 23 32’
5- de-asserted ping 10.

Nothing changed.

What is the Digi part number and firmware version you are working with?

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Part number:XTP9B-DPS-001


Appreciate your help.


Your values need to be Or’ed with 0x80.