Xbee XSC binary commmand mode

I have used a variety of Xbees for some time now with good success. Doing serial wire replacement, mostly just broadcast but some point-to-point with RR retries turned on. Now I need to use retries in a one-to-many topology where only the master issues a command but I need confirmation of receipt from the slave and retries if needed. And I like the 900 xsc device so far.

In studying the doc for the Xbee XSC there is a binary command mode which seems good for this - changing DT on the fly - but I need some help understanding how to get in and out of binary command mode (which does not seem to be same as Xbee API mode). It looks like you have to manipulate the level of one of the hardware pins, send the binary command data to change DT, then put the pin back in its default state before sending application data. Or maybe not - the doc is puzzling on this.

Alternatively I could code this functionality in my application code. That may be best in the long term but understanding the builtin would help greatly.

Thanks in advance.