Configuring XSC 900 software

This is my first time that I have used an xbee module and I am currently getting stumped on how to setup my modules.

What I currently have is an xbee module connected to a microcontroller (I use the Propeller) and another one attached to my computer (the board is a USB adapter board from Sparkfun). Right now I can send information to my X-CTU terminal, however what I recieve is nothing like what I sent. Basicly what I get is just junk.

Some people say that you need to configure these and I know that for some other xbee modules you need to configure too.

How do I configure my modules so that when I Send information through one xbee’s din pin that it comes out through the others dout pin?


In X-CTU you will get option to select different X Bee parameters by Modem configuration and Read option. Make both X Bee module ID as same and baud rate as same. Then try to transmitt data through the std terminals. You can get the exact data

Currently the xbee module has the same baud rate and the same module ID.

The strings I send from my micrcontroller are not sent properly to my pc terminal (the x-ctu).

I have two XB09-XSC and i try to communicate this two devices and nothing happens (I can´t see anything in the X-CTU terminal). Both has the same ID, HPand BD.

The problem is the range, the Xbee´s must be very close. Do I need to do some configurations??