How to use "Create Source Route (0x21)"

Hi,I want to know how to use the “Create Source Route (frame type : 0x21)”.

Currently, I have followed this document.

But this document does not mention
how to extract( or read )the recorded source route.

This is my setting of “Create Source Route Frame”.

Start delimiter : 7E
Length : 00 0E
Frame type : 21
Frame ID : 01
64 bit dest address : 00 13 A2 00 40 E2 D6 99
16 bit dest address : FF FE
Route com …d options : 00
Num of addresses : 00
Addresses : 00 00
Checksum : 9B

And after send the “Create Source Route Frame”

i send a Transmit Request Frame( frame type : 0x10 ).
and i can receive Transmit Status ( frame type : 0x8B ).

But this “Transmit Status” does not include
Source Route.

Transmit status is not expected to return transmission route in it. You have to believe that it must have taken route provided in 0x21 frame.

If you really want to check route then use ZDO API frames to fetch Routing table of XBee and check it out.