How to use HTTPS in ConnectPort X5 with digi_httplib?

I am trying to make HTTPS request with following code:

import digi_httplib as httplib
connection = httplib.HTTPSConnection(“%s:%d”%(host,port))
connection.request(requestType, path, data, headers)
response = connection.getresponse()

It works fine for HTTP, but for HTTPS this gives error: “sslerror: (8, ‘EOF occurred in violation of protocol’)”

Is this right way for making HTTPS request in X5 or is there another way?

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X5 has been end of lifed for years!

Can you use URLLIB?

Can you run a help(‘modules’) on the device and show what you have access to?

Yes, I am aware that X5 is obsolete, but being obsolete doesnt make it useless :slight_smile: We still have plenty of them in use and they are still working fine.

And yes, I think I can use or try to use urllib or urllib2.

I just wondered why I cant get digi_httplib to work. This is the library delivered with devtools 2.3 and seems like it is used in idigi_libraries to make HTTPS connection to device cloud.

I´ll check those modules later, when I access to X5 again.