Importing ssl on Connectport X2 in python

Hi all,

I need to send data from a Connectport X2 using urllib and for this application have to use the following function call from ssl:

context = ssl.SSLContext(ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1)

Since the ssl module is not in the Lib directory that comes with Digi ESP, I get the following when I try to import ssl:

ImportError: No module named ssl.

I know that the module must be added to and I downloaded the module here:

I’ve never installed python modules so I was confused at this point. Do I just use the file and rename it The file imports from _ssl2 which is a c file that it doesn’t seem to be able to import. I was reading that OpenSSL is required for ssl so do I need to import modules from that as well?

I appreciate any help possible.