How to use P2MP polling mode Digi SX 868

Hello, we have four XBee® SX 868 devices (from development kit) and trying to configure devices for P2MP operation. One of them (master) will send and receive messages from three other modules(slaves). There won’t be any communication between slave modules. We don’t need any module to sleep or route. There are 6 available Routing/Messaging modes (CE command) for each device:
0 Stardart Router
1 Indirect Message Coordinator
2 Non Routing Module
3 Non Routing Coordinator
4 Indirect message poller
5 N/A
6 Non routing poller

We want to configure master to poll three other devices but couldn’t manage to do it. What is the difference between non routing poller, module and coordinator? Please explain us these 6 modes briefly and offer us a solution so there won’t be any intersections and communication line can be used as efficiently as possible.

Leave CE alone. Simply set the Coordinators DL and DH to the broadcast address. Then set the remote modules DL an DH to the Coordinators SL and SH. Then set the BH and NH on all to 1.