how to use the serial E?

when i debug the serial E,I define the macros before the main function.
#define SERE_RXPORT PEDR // Defaults to PCDR
#define EINBUFSIZE 31
#define EOUTBUFSIZE 31

but it also have the problem that conflict with the programming port in debug mode.why?
my source code:
void main(void)

To use serial port E, there are samples. I only know the rs485 sample in the dc 9.62 package, but I am sure that sample carries over to 10.x. I use the programmer’s port on the 3k and serial E without a problem. You have to toggle transmit and receive for it to work right.

Like I said, check the samples and you will see how to do it. You can also set more than the speed (i.e. data format, etc).