How to use XBee without an adaptor?

Hi all,

I am using XBee S1
What I am trying to do is having one XBee(transmitter with adaptor and arduino) to transmit a signal to another XBee(receiver without adaptor or arduino). Is this possible? If so how can i do it?

What i have done was connecting the Vcc, Rx, and GND pin for the XBee on the receiving side but i can’t seem to receive any signal from the transmitting XBee…

You can do it. Hopefully you understand there is some configuration/setup (using XCTU that you can get free from Digi) to point the sender to the receiver. Here is one example And here are two more examples, the first shows how to setup a sender (with a switch) and the second that follows shows how to setup a receiver (with an led). I suppose you could wire/connect directly to the Zigbee. Many will use some sort of adapter board, just to use a more convenient voltage like 5v, and have something to solder to, to keep the Zigbee itself socket ready, to plug into the programming board. Something like this Good luck.

Think of the radios as a cable. In order to send data, you must provide data on the DI line.

The other option is to either configure the radio for DIO line passing or Analog to Digital conversion. Both require you to modify the radios default settings to enable. But once configured, you don’t need to ever again.