How to wire a power supply to the XBEE

So. When I connect my xbee to the 3,3V output pin on my arduino everything works perfectly. But when I hook it up to my 3,3V power supply it just gets super hot and the xbee doesnt work at all.
When connected straight to a 3,3v power source, do I need some other circuit to control current as well? Right now it just gets super hot, like I short circuited something, but as far as I can tell, I didn’t. So I figured maybe the internal resistance of the xbee itself isnt enough and it gets overflown with current or whatnot.

Any ideas on this?

Sounds like your power supply is not 3.3V but 5V. If the supply is trully 3.3V, all you need to do is to connect Pin 1 (VCC) to the power sources V+ line and pin 10 to GND. Providing your power source can provider the proper current requirements or above, the module will simply power up and function.