How to write from the I/O pins of Xbee Series2 ?

Is it possible for an End Device (on it’s own) to send a command to a machine, lets say 0x01, and whatever data the machine gives back, say 2 bytes, is transmitted to the co-ordinator.

The I/O pin configuration as it seemed to me is only capable of driving output high or low. So I have this doubt.

I have this machine with RS232 port which responds to a query and gives me it’s parameters in 16 bytes.

you could use the DIN line of the End Device. If it is set up with AT Firmware and the Destination Address is 0x0 (normally the coordinator) than everything which comes in the DIN line is send to the coordinator.
On it’s own the End Device can only change the PIN 13 ON/Sleep request. This pin goes high if the module comes from sleep.

No the code on the Ember processor which is located on the XBee ZB module does not have the ability to send data on the Digital IO lines. The firmware can only allow you to set a DIO line as a high or low state. If you want to send data, the you would use the UART and an external device such as a processor would need to be connected to that UART.


Yes, I was able to figure that out later, after some digging…Thanks @mvut and @MLeuker for the help…