How will coordinator know when any node (router or end device) leaves the network?

Hi All,
I am working on Zigbee modules in API mode and I am getting proper results like when the node joins the network it is intimated to the coordinator by generating APID “ZB_IO_NODE_IDENTIFIER_RESPONSE” but I am also wondering for APID when node leaves the network. Could you please help me out regarding this?
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hey hi…could you please help me how to connect zigbee devices via connectport x8…please help me…it’s urgent…thank you

Coordinator is never informed when a module leaves the network.

You can perform a Node discovery to figure out what radios are still on the network. (ATND)

However, this does cause a lot of network traffic for a few seconds. So it shouldn’t be done all the time. If you can handle once every 20 minute then this might work for you.

Any other suggestions?