How to identify when a XBee device leaves the network ?


I am using XBee - Java library provided by digi to establish communication between XBee devices. I have one coordinator and two end nodes. I want to identify when a XBee end node leaves the network and when XBee end nodes join the network. can any one suggest on how i can implement above scenario?

Thank you

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One of the best ways is to use the Join Notification with the API interface. This allows you to know when a device Joins the network. As for leaving, you would need to do a node discovery or to poll the parent for it’s Child End Device Table.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Regarding joining the netowrk, join notification is enabled in the configurations of xbee module. how can i check that using java library ?

Regarding Leaving the network, can you please explain how to implement it ?

I am sorry but I don’t know the Java Lib.

Yes the Join Notification is a setting on the XBee module that you can Enable. It is the JN parameter.

As for leaving, again, you would need to poll the radios child table to see if a node is still listed or not. If it is not listed, then it most likely has left the network.