Associated Indicator in ZB Router

Hello again!

Like I said before, I have 3 XBee modules (ZB S2), set in 3 Arduino boards: one coordinator, one router and one end device. Each module was configured using the old X-CTU, as API-2 mode, and my project just send six bytes from router/end to coordinator when its button is pressed.

Each device has the same fixed PAN ID and D5 option set to 1 (Associated Indicator, with a led). Also I’m checking modem status frame for “started” and “associated” messages, so I know when the network is ready.

But I noticed that, when I’m only powering the router, it blinks the associated led and send me the “associated” message, even without the coordinator! Also, different from the “always wake” end device, I’m not getting the “disassociated” message when the coordinator goes offline.

Am I missing any configuration in router?

Thanks again!

Try adding the JV command or issue an ATNR0 to your start up sequence.

Hello mvut, thanks again for your suggestion!

JV command is fine for startup validation, but how about coordinator turning off after the formed network? I was thinking about setting NW command, but I have to implement some kind of keep alive (for example, a timely broadcast byte, lower than NW time) on coordinator side, right?

To use the NW, your router just needs to see some data coming from the Coordinator either directly for it or or one of its end device children once every 3 x NW value. As long as it sees this, it remains associated to the Coordinator. But if it does not see any data from the coordinator, it will leave the current network and rejoin…