xbee s2c router continues to blink the Associate LED without a coordinator

Hi to everyone, as by object I’m using xbee zigbee s2c modules to run a network, so I have a coordinator and several routers. Using a microcontroller I need to read the xbee pin D5 to know if it is connected to the network or not. Until recently I worked with xbee s2b modules and everything worked properly, with the new modules the associated led function on D5 pin does not work the same way. In practice, when all the devices are turned on (coordinator and router) the D5 pin blinks correctly, if I then spend the coordinator, after a while I have configured it, the router pin D5 stops blinking as expected, but after a few seconds restarts flashing with the coordinator off. How is this possible?
Strange, routers, even without a coordinator, can communicate perfectly …
All this with s2b devices did not happen and in the dataset of the new s2c hardware there is no difference in operation with s2b.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you, Francesco

That’s because you allowed them to associate and don’t have the JV enabled or have not issued a network reset while the coordinator is off.

Once associated, they will remain associated till either the watchdog timer resets them (will rejoin another router if joining is enabled and JV is not enabled).