Why does the associate and sleep leds blink fast after association?


I am using XB24-Z7 xBees. I have a one configured as a XB24-ZB Zigbee Router API version version 23A7 and the other configured as XB24-ZB Zigbee coordinator API 21A7. The coordinator blinks the assoc led correctly. Router has LEDs on pin 13 and pin 15. When power via USD both LEDs are on for ~5 seconds, off for ~3 seconds, both blink, both off for ~5, both on for 3 the latter 2 repeats a couple of times then maybe the assoc led blinks correctly for about 3 seconds then both LEDs blink fast (maybe 2 - 3 blinks per second). If left both may stop blinking the assoc led will blink correctly about 3 times then both blink fast.

Cannot connect to the router with X_CTU when both leds are blinking fast. If reset then X-CTU connects.

Any ideas why the router behaves this way?

Thank you…

It does sound like the 2nd router is ‘rebooting’ - are you sure you supply enough power to allow radio TX? Check the capacitors after your regulator, as when teh Xbee enables it’s radio power it can cause a ‘brown-out’ if you lack enough ‘reserve’ voltage.

Normally the assoc LED on a router does NOT blink, then blinks at the same rate as the coordinator after associated.