Howto specify a RX mask on CAN Interface


i’m currently testing the MX53 start board, on windows Embedded 7 compact and VS2008/C#.

I’m able to receive and send CAN message (i made a Wrapper to call natice functions), and i was helped by the canapp.cpp file given in the digi SDK.

My problem is that i’m only able to listen for CAN message with a spécific ID (see he ID parameter in the CAN_PACKET struct), and i want to be able to receive data from several devices.
On other platforms that we’ve developped on, we used ‘masks’.

I saw in the Digi ConnectCore MX53 spécifications (90001270_a.pdf file) that
“The CAN block includes two embedded memories, one for storing Message Buffers and another one for storing Rx Individual Mask Registers.”
“Individual Rx Mask Registers per Message Buffer”…

My question is how can i spécify a Rx Mask?

Thanks for reading…