http Client APIs/Libraries

I am using NET+OS 7.4 and a ConnectME to do some communications and need a strong web client (http post, get, etc.). I found libraries out there, but it is odd that NET+OS doesn’t come with any. I specifically need to be able to do posts using a proxy server and authentication.
Does any one know of libraries or if NET+OS can support this?

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There are built in compiled HTTP libraries, otherwise you can easily write your own. I did.


The built-in libraries I looked at was for server side. Am I looking in the wrong place ? Have you written something for client side http post using proxy server (authentication too) ?
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Client side… Hmm. No, but it should be pretty easy. Open a socket to port 80, send the “GET” or “POST”, read the response. If you are passing big blocks of data, I assume you are using XML. If you are trying to parse a form, there are much better ways of doing this.


I’ve done that and it’s fairly easy to do. The issue I’m having is to do a post thru a proxy that needs authentication (username and password).

The proxy will return an addition to the header with a “Proxy-Authenticate”. Treat it like “WWW-Authenticate”.

If you need details on that, there is a good article in Wikipedia.