HTTP-Response: Communication Reset Flag

The update.htm page in my design reloads automatically after 800 msec. After 2, 30 or … minutes I get a RST (see attachement, tcp-flag) and the file won’t be refreshed. With more than one browser it apperas earlier than with one browser. Then I started 3 HTTP-clients on my PC for polling a html-page in a loop (as fast as my PC can poll) to force the Webserver. It works for several seconds til minutes and then suddenly at the same time every client receives RST. I built the sample app nahttp_pd from NetOs6 with GNU tools on the NET+50bga-Ev-board and there I recognized the same. Do you know this issue? Why do I see RST-Flags in the TCP-Frame? How can I do a work around to make the communication stable? Kind regards, Christoph Fahrni

Anyone who encounters such problem should contact Netsilicon Tech_support to get updated patches to correct this problem.