HTTPS AWS (SSL) - remote ip

Using NETOS60_GNU on NS7520 board. Running advance web server in secure mode. Trying to get IP address of the host sending http request. Call to RpGetRemoteIpAddress() from a form submit callback returns loopback ip address ( If I run advance web server in non secure mode, this function call returns correct web browser host ip address.
Any help ??

The web server makes use of a local proxy to forward requests for the HTTPS service port to the HTTP service port. It is because of this proxy that the RpGetRemoteIpAddress() returns the local loopback address.

Attached is a patch, for NET+OS 6.0f (build This patch addss a new routine, NASSLGetRemoteConnectionInformation(), which allows one to obtain the connection information of a HTTPS client.

This patch will be made available via the Digi Support site within the next several days.



I tried this code and getting a linker error for this
function - RpGetConnectionInformation().
I tried AWS event logging function earlier , RpGetHttpLogItemCount (), and got the same undefined reference errors.
Do I have some really old library - librphttpd.a ?
Thanks for help

This ssl patch with works. I read correct remote ip now. Thanks for the help and quick response (It really made a difference).