Currently I’m utilizing the XBee ZigBee Mesh modules to send and receive a broadcast message over a network. I have the modules attached to the grove boards that come with the ZigBee Mesh kit connected via USB to a PC. I’m using the Digi Python library for this task. I’ve configured the devices using XCTU software making sure they’re on the same network, in API 1 mode, and that one device is the coordinator and the other is the router. I was able to successfully broadcast a message using the library and receive the message using the XCTU console as instructed in the “Hello World” introductory exercise. Next, I was able to send and receive a message running python from the terminal in Ubuntu. It wasn’t until I created .py files for sending and receiving a broadcast packet that I started to have issues. Each time I try running the receive .py file, it gives me a TimeoutException() error. Not quite sure why this is at the moment.