Problems with Xbee java library


i was trying the xbee java library with (Zigbee protocol), and i got this error when i launch the application…

WARNING: RXTX Version mismatch
Jar version = RXTX-2.2pre1
native lib Version = RXTX-2.2pre2
Sending broadcast data: ‘Hello XBee World!’ >> Error
com.digi.xbee.api.exceptions.TimeoutException: There was a timeout while executing the requested operation.
at com.digi.xbee.api.AbstractXBeeDevice.sendXBeePacket(
at com.digi.xbee.api.AbstractXBeeDevice.sendAndCheckXBeePacket(
at com.digi.xbee.api.XBeeDevice.sendData(
at com.digi.xbee.api.XBeeDevice.sendBroadcastData(
at proyectoxbee.ProyectoXbee.main(

Also i check the other xbee in the xctu and i receive the packet correctly.

Then i change the xbee modules by xbee wifi and i got another error but this time when the application try to open the connection, it says something like :

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Address cannot contain more than 2 bytes.

Thank you


Could you give us more details about the modules you’re using when trying to send the broadcast message (protocol, model, firmware version…)?

Regarding your second problem, note that the XBee Java Library does not support the XBee WiFi modules, it only supports ZigBee, 802.15.4, DigiMesh, and Point-to-Multipoint devices.

Kind regards.

Hi, I have the same problem have you any idea how to resolve it ?

I also, the same problem

Hi ExXtremo chek your xbee configuration in XCTU and enable API mode to 1 for both router and coordinator