I am in need of the Modbus DIA driver for the AIO adapter. Where can I find the driver "mbdia_xbee_aio"?

This should be built into the DIA/Digi ESP bundle:


Thanks but I don’t see the file. Where exactly should it be?

Hi ATComm27,

Just curious if you saw http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/Modbus_DIA_Server ?
I do not work with the DIA, but it seems like mbdia_xbee_aio might be a sub-component of the DIA?

Yes and thanks. The yml on that page refers to the modbus driver mbdia_xbee_aio but does not contain it.
I can’t get my AIO adapter to show up on the mbus_map.txt and I believe it is because I don’t have the correct driver in my dia.zip