I cannot find the USB port of Arduino connected to Connectcore 8x USB port in the /dev/tty*?

Hello all,

I want to use the Connectcore 8x for a project to log and save data from a microcontroller connected to the board through the USB interface. Unfortunately, although I followed the solution for the previous DIGI SBC, I still cannot find the connected USB device in the /dev/tty* directory. I have to mention that I have the latest YOCTO os on the board and I used the Sparkfun ESP32 board as the MC.
Any help would be extremely appreciated.

Also, I want to know if there is a sample USB/UART logger container in your knowledge.


Hello Hossein,

do you want to connect your Arduino to the Digi CC8x SBC through the USB host port of the Digi SBC?
You might require some specific serial 2 USB driver? Or do you require a USB Gadget driver?

Did you scan the Digi CC8x SBC USB bus from a running Linux? Does it detect the Arduino as an USB device implementing a serial port?

If you don’t progress with this you might want to contact Digi Technical Support through the support portal https://www.digi.com/portal or Tech.Support (at) digi.com