USB ports not working on ConnectCore6UL Pro

Hello everyone!
I have been invited to join a project that works on a nuclear dosimetry and spectroscopy backpack for motorization of radioactive contamination over large areas.
The system is centered around a ConnectCore6UL Pro, with several detectors connected to it.
Today, I have tried connecting one of the detectors to one of the Type-A USB ports on the board (the stacked ones).
However, the detector doesn’t seem to register and it is receiving no power. I tried both of the ports, as well as with a USB stick and a USB mouse.
I have not built my own firmware, but used the standard Linux one from here
Please assist!

the latest firmware is DEY-2.4-r1. Please FLASH all the images from
and see if USB starts working. Otherwise, open a support case, for RMA.