I damaged an output of BL2100 SBC board


During testing software on a smartcat BL2110 rabbit SBC, I was so smart to put (indirectly) 12V on an output which was off.

The output was configured as “sourcing”.

It is still possible to put the output on, but unfortunately, it can not be put off again.

Only by resetting the board the output is switched of again.

It is not software related since the software works correct on another - exactly the same - BL2110 board (there the output can be swtiched off).

Has anyone a solution for this / can this board be repaired?

I would say “no” but since the output is behaving strange for a broken output, maybe there is a workaround…

I need al of the 16 output so…

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,
Noël Willems

Hello Noel, You may contact Digi tech support at this mail tech.support@digi.com, they will help you to repair the kit , if it has hardware issue.