I don't understand the purpose of micropython.. my xbee project needs it though.

My xbee3 project is going to need some I/O expanders. The way I’m thinking to do this is by using I2C protocol. The only way to interface with I2C protocol on the xbee3 is using MircoPython, which the xbee3 supports.

So, my question really lies in what Micropython fundamentally is. I get that you can program hardware low level stuff with it in an efficient manner… but I have been programming all my xbee I/O pins with normal python programming, not Micropytho, and it works great so far.

so when I get this expander to work on I2C bus of the xbee3, and use micropython scripts to read/write to the slave devices, and ultimately get the slave device (io expander) to do what I want… will I be able to extract the sensors and IO expander IO port state(s) over to my python scripts and run said micropython values through functions in my normal python scripts?

My answer on your other question should address this question:


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