I have problem with RCM6700 and SD card lib. Some SDcard works well and others doesn't. same size different brands.

The problem occurs in the start function sdspi_initDevice(). What it the specific features that SD card must have to work with rabbit minicore RCM6700?

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There is a 2GB limit on the capacity of the SD card to be used with Dynamic C. The full details are as follows:

Any original SD standard capacity card (i.e. not SDHC, not SDXC, nor other future SD card revisions) that meets the following requirements is expected to work with Dynamic C’s standard SDFLASH.LIB and SD_FAT.LIB functionality:

· maximum 2 GB size

· FAT16 format (FAT32 or exFAT formatted SD cards must be reformatted as FAT16)

· full support of SD’s legacy SPI communication mode

· standard 19-byte CSD format (latest functionality supports both CRC16 and CRC7 calculation check modes)