RCM3000 series and FAT32

I am currently interfacing to a MicroSD card from the RCM3100.

There are inherent issues for me moving forward if I decide to attempt to use the FAT library provided with Dynamic C 9.62 for my project (i.e. - lack of long file name support, card capacity limitations, etc.)

Are there any available FAT32 or exFAT libraries which have been ported to the rabbit platform?

It’s very hard to find 1GB SD cards off the shelf these days without going to eBay, and even 2GB cards are becoming obsolete. I know this has been an ongoing topic of conversation which comes up from time to time regarding the rabbit processors, and it would be nice to see a solution to the upcoming obsolescence.

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Digi has started on support for SDHC cards (4GB to 32GB) in Dynamic C 10, but I do not know if they will backport that work to Dynamic C 9. The GitHub repository includes alpha support for having multiple 2GB FAT16 partitions on an SDHC card. If you desire support for 2GB SD and all SDHC cards in DC 9, let your Digi sales rep know.

Current recommendation is to format the media on the Rabbit. It should be possible to read/write it from a Mac or PC with the limitation of 8.3 filenames.

I don’t know if FAT32 is planned, but it is likely to just be supported on Dynamic C 10 (if at all). Porting existing FAT32 code to DC 9 is much harder (than to DC 10) due to limited support of standard ANSI C features and far pointers.