RCM4100 FAT32 support?

Has anyone developed libraries for FAT32 on Dynamic C 10.72C for the Rabbit 4000 on the RCM4100 device? I have ported the elm chan FatFS (http://elm-chan.org/fsw/ff/00index_e.html) for ARM devices years ago. I’d hate to kill several weeks of development time if someone else has already ported it.

I looked into updating the existing libraries for FAT32 support at one time, but didn’t have a sponsor for the work. Based on the existing APIs including integration with buffers in non-volatile BBRAM and logical-to-physical sector mapping, I thought it would be easiest to update the current library’s code rather than try to port in a third-party library.

One hassle with porting is the need to update pointer definitions to work with “far” pointers.

But the library you linked looked promising, and I believe the MicroPython project made use of it for SD card support on the Pyboard.

The updated Dynamic C libraries at least work with newer SDHC cards, and the limitation of four 2GB FAT16 partitions on a device is an inconvenience but not a show-stopper in most cases.