Is the RCM4300 ready for release?

Hello All,

Where is the software and libraries to support the RCM4300??

Has anyone purchased the RCM4300 and tried to use the onboard Mini-SD module with the purchased FAT add-on? I am using Dynamic-C V10.21 and FAT V2.13 (These are the latest versions). There are only a few sample programs available to use and they don’t seem to be updated to work with this core module and V2.13 of the FAT add-on. The Fat Release Notes for V2.13 indicates that support for the SD card was just added, so maybe no one has tested this yet. Tech Note TN252 says that only certain cards will work. There is one flash program included in the RCM4300\SD_Flash area called SDFLASH_INSPECT. This program works just fine. Any of the 10 or so FAT programs all fail sooner or later. The most common error is: fat_AutoMount() error (-38) Function not implemented.

Can someone at ZWorld upload a simple FAT program that has been tested with the RCM4300 and the latest FAT version that will: a) Initialize and format the card and then let us do some simple task?

I don’t understand why ZWorld releases a new core module like the RCM4300 that has advanced features like MCS Megabyte Code Support and an SD Card and then doesn’t give us a couple of very simple sample programs that show us that these features work. You would think that someone at ZWorld has a little program to at least test the hardware. I also don’t understand why I don’t see any other complaints in any of the forums on these features. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one trying to use these products to do more than flast LEDs…