What's the maximum capacity Micro SD which can be used with Dynamic C 9.62?

What’s the maximum capacity Micro SD which can be used with Dynamic C 9.62?

I’m working with a RCM3100 at the moment, and was able to physically connect a 2GB Micro SD card…

SDFLASH_INSPECT.c works just fine, however all of the other FAT-related sample programs such as FAT_SHELL.c, Fmt_Device.c, fat_create.c, etc. do not work, and give me the following error upon attempting to execute fat_AutoMount(FDDF_USE_DEFAULT); :

“ERROR: (-38) Function not implemented”

Is this because I’m not using a 1GB SD card?


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It is possible that 1GB is the maximum for Dynamic C 9. I have worked with the SD code in Dynamic C 10, and it seems to work fine with 2GB SD cards. But I know there was confusion over what had been tested/supported under Dynamic C in the past, with some people saying 1GB and others saying 2GB.

You could contact Digi’s tech support or your sales rep with a feature request to have Dynamic C 9 support 2GB SD cards. It might also be possible to request a back-port of the SDHC support (for 4GB to 32GB cards) under development for Dynamic C 10 (see https://github.com/digidotcom/DCRabbit_10).

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Thanks Tom,

Turns out the problem went away when swapping to a 1GB SD card.

I was able to downsize a 2GB card and read/write to it from the Rabbit platform, however the files written by Rabbit could not be seen on Windows 10… and files written to the SD on Windows 10 could not be seen by the Rabbit.