I lose about 1% of my paquets with DigiMesh

hello everyone!

I have 7 nodes configured in standard router mode and running a micropython script that send paquet every 0.5 second (with random additionnal time) every node has a counter that increment at each paquet so I can analyze it on my PC. On my PC, I have one node configure as coordinator and I am using a python script in pycharm to receive and log all the datas in a csv file


then with an other script, I check my logs to see if the counter is correct on each paquet.

unfortunately it seems like I lose some…

VOH07300011 : on 1045 paquet, 0 had been losts
VOH07300012 : on 1052 paquet, 3 had been losts
VOH07300013 : on 1051 paquet, 5 had been losts
VOH07300014 : on 1046 paquet, 12 had been losts
VOH07300015 : on 1054 paquet, 20 had been losts
VOH07300016 : on 1052 paquet, 4 had been losts
VOH07300017 : on 1057 paquet, 15 had been losts

On a total of 7298 paquets, 59 had been losts: 0.81 % loss

Is there any waranty from digi to ensure there is some chance to lose paquets? Or should I get every single one without any issue?

Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english

Romain, Just like any protocol wireless or wired, there is no guarantee that you are not going to have data loss from a data collision or something else. There are things you can do such as retries and acknowledgments to help mitigate the loss. But regardless, application that use some sort of means to transmit and receive data must be able to loose some data without harming the application.

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